Is it time to treat yourself? We think you should. Having a new piece of jewelry show up at your door is like a present to yourself every month or better yet, gift it. Once a month a bracelet will be shipped and a unique Audio Meditation will be sent to your inbox. They work hand in hand. Sometimes we will include something special beyond this too!

At Lunarfusion, we try and create very unique gifts that will benefit your spiritual health and mental health. We hope you take some time for yourself and when you do, a mala or bracelet may help you increase your meditative strength. We carefully select our gemstones so that they are natural and whenever possible, they are not heated or dyed. All of our bracelets are properly cleared using several techniques including clearning and charging them on selenite and beyond this, we infuse every bracelet with thoughtful Reiki. 

A bracelet, unique and hand crafted just for our Meditation by Mail customers! One per month.

On your first order, One free Palo Santo stick.

On Your first order, you will receive a Palo Santo stick. Palo Santo has an amazing smell and can be used to clear your space and to clear the bracelet from energy from time to time. Simply light the end of the palo santo by holding a lighter to it for about 30 seconds. Then, blow out the flame and the stick will continue to smoke.

We have attached a sample of the meditation to this page. We hope you enjoy!

Jen Hastings will create a monthly meditation that is directly connected to your bracelet. This can come in many forms depending on the energy that Jen feels from the unique combination of gemstones. The audio meditation will allow you to visually meditate and use the bracelet throughout the month to achieve greater relaxation in your life.

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Here are some examples of our monthly bracelets.